Dan Oross Consulting, Inc. is a software consultancy dedicated to providing unrivaled quality at competitive prices.
With expertise in custom application architecture, implementation and integration, Dan Oross Consulting provides robust, scalable, bulletproof, cost-effective solutions in today's leading-edge technology.
Methodology & Solutions
Whether designing a WPF Application, .NET component, Java Web service or enterprise Internet application suite, Dan Oross Consulting employs a reusable technology methodology to improve scalability and compatibility while simplifying integration and maintenance.
Every Dan Oross Consulting solution is strategically conceived to resolve immediate client needs and accommodate future growth and enhancement. Our unique approach to custom application development couples existing enterprise architecture with custom proprietary frameworks, enabling rapid delivery of premium quality, high-performance, innovative solutions.
With unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, Dan Oross Consulting has delighted customers in nearly ever sector of business, from insurance and financial services, to human resources and compensation.
Whether developing a custom application, or modifying an existing system, our standardized libraries and thorough documentation ensure future maintenance and enhancements can be accomplished efficiently in-house, through Dan Oross Consulting, or via third-party vendor.
Technology & Expertise
Dan Oross Consulting provides custom solutions in all of the leading technologies and platforms. Our proven techniques promise a user-friendly experience with robust functionality and astounding performance.
With primary focus on Internet applications and Web framework technology, Dan Oross Consulting offers a broad spectrum of unparalleled expertise in Java, JSP, servlets, components, WPF, C#, J#, VB.NET, XML Web services, DHTML, JavaScript, Oracle, SQL Server, Tomcat, Apache, IIS, LDAP, Active Directory and more.
But technology is only half of the equation. Equally important is strategy, design and architecture. With comprehensive analysis and precise assessment of even the most complex business processes and requirements, Dan Oross Consulting can conceive, propose, design and develop the most effective solutions available.
Long-Term Consulting
As with many aspects of business, preparation is one of the most important ingredients in success. An in-depth comprehension of business process and procedure allows for an optimized and streamline design and lifecycle. With extensive experience in a multitude of industries, Dan Oross Consulting can provide the structure and vision to make your project a success.
Per-Project Contracting
If meticulous yet efficient execution is required, Dan Oross Consulting delivers. Whether due to a condensed timeline, tight budget, or reduction in staff, Dan Oross Consulting generates standardized, scalable and extensible solutions on-time and on-budget.